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2015 Icycle

The 2015 Icycle Mountain Bike Race was my first race with my new team.  This event takes place in the dead of winter each year at Fontana Village, NC.  It is not an official "team race", but everyone likes to go because it is FUN.  What's not to like about downhill racing at night with fireworks going off ?  We all raced the Downhill and Michael and Scout also raced XC. The downhill trail was a lot of fun to ride on, especially at night ! The night before the race it snowed about an inch and during the day the snow melted and made the track extremely muddy.  After changing to mud tires I was able to find better lines riding with Phillip throughout the day, while Michael and Scout were competing in the XC race.


Michael  DH Practice  [Photo -  Steve Barker Icon Media]


Ian with Scout in background  [Photo - Steve Barker Icon Media]



Phillip  DH Practice  [Photo -  Steve Barker Icon Media]


Both Michael and Scout chose 1 lap XC races in order to save some energy for the night downhill, with Michael taking a 3rd in his class and Scout a 1st in hers.


Scout on her XC lap  [Photo - Mandy Loorham Random Start Photography]


Once downhill race time rolled around we went up with our classes for our runs. Phillip went first, Michael went next, then me, and finally Scout. I was very pleased with my run and riding with a team. Phillip finished with a time of 1.50.003 and a 4th place in the junior class. Michael with a time of 1.43.480 and 3rd in junior class. Scout had a time of 2.06.774 and 2nd in expert female class. I had a time of 1.41.176 and 2nd in sport class. One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting and spending time with Gstaad-Scott World Cup DH racer Neko Mulally. He gave us a great coaching session over dinner one night. Neko finished with a time of 1.20.241 in 1st in expert male.


Neko and Logan Mulally graciously fielded questions on a variety of topics...


Full Results of all the racing can be found here:

XC Results  DH Results

After the race Michael, Scout, and I drove down to the Fontana Dam to check out the dam at night and listen to music. After listening to music for a while we went to leave and the car battery was dead. When we turned the key all we heard was an ominous “click”.  As it was late, and cell phone service is more or less non-existent in the area, we had no choice but to walk 4 miles back to the cabin in the dark to get another car and jumper cables.  The next day as everyone was packing to go home, we were laughing about our adventure and already planning the next race.


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Posted on: February 16th, 2015


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